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Monday, May 3, 2010

You will most definitely find me in the river!

Regular readers will know that I am not able to talk about certain events going on in my life, but I can talk about the way that God is using circumstances to speak into my heart.

With God it's always true to say that everything happens for a reason, and more often than not, what does happen is the least expected outcome, but I can say with confidence that although things took an unexpected turn for me (and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, please email and ask and I'll be happy to tell you), God has really been using the last month or so to grab a hold of me.

I have no doubt that through all this I am closer to God, and have in fact felt the need to be for some time now. I have more determination to get to know Him better, and am consequently facing up to more efforts by the enemy to thwart this. Most importantly I have been placed in a position where I simply cannot do anything in my own power to change my own situation. It is entirely 100% up to God and my job is just to get on with life and trust that if He wants me here, then He can and will make it happen. Some days that is an easy thing for me to do, and some days it is not so easy, but either way it is all I can do.

One other consequence of all this is that I have realized afresh that I have the best friends anyone could ask for. This select group of people - who I hope will know who they are - adopted me when I first came over, and have become family to me. Their love, support, friendship and prayers have blessed me more than they will ever know, and I love them all deeply. Sometimes you take for granted those who are right in front of you, so I want to publicly acknowledge these special people, with whom I have laughed, rejoiced, cried and lived life.

The Delirious? song "Find Me In The River" is one I've always loved but not one I really ever imagined I'd be able to apply directly to my situation, but to quote the song:

"We didn't count on suffering
We didn't count on pain
But if the blessing's in the valley
Then in the river I will wait."

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