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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blessing in disguise

So my laptop just decided around one month ago that it would not let me on the internet at home. It will do everything else I ask it too, but apparently allowing me online is just one step too far.
As it happens, this is not such a bad thing. I've wanted to take a step back from my online reliance, and this has turned out to be very helpful in keeping me away. If I do want to check stuff I can still go online on my iTouch, since my wireless connection is not to blame.
The hope is that I can use the time that would otherwise be spent mindlessly surfing to do something constructive like reading, rather than just heading to the TV all the time.
Let's hope I can keep that going, but in the meantime, if it takes me a while to reply to your email or whatever, that's why. Plus it's darned hard to avoid typos on the iTouch keyboard!