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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You should write about this...

My friend Jenna told me I should write about this particular subject, although credit is due to Josiah and Dannal, whose idea it really was.
All it really was, was the realization that I'm going away at the weekend, and I really needed to get some travel sized toiletries for the trip. Thankfully, the wonderful Fred Meyer has it sown "Travel Size" section, which made my job real easy, and when I mentioned this on Facebook, it was Josiah who said I could pretend to be a giant.
I decided to get them all out when I got home, and stomp around a bit like a real giant. A few "Fie-fi-fo-fum"s later and out comes the train set and I feel truly colossal! All I need now is one of those miniature bottles of...Yoo Hoo and I'm a true leviathon...hahahaha.

Anyway, Jenna, that's all I could think of to write, but I hope you enjoyed it!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Passing Through...

For some reason I really felt I wanted to write something today, but I really had no idea what to say. These past few weeks I've had very little I really wanted to say. Been fighting what seems like it's been an everlasting bout of colds/bronchitis, and at one point, pneumonia, but as I said to one of my US "family" last night, I think I'm finally coming out of that particular funk.

There have been several instances over the last few days when I have felt I wanted to post, but something really hit me today as I was flicking through the blogs on the web page of a relatively new band to me - The City Harmonic. If you haven't checked them out, you should. Musically inhabiting territory slap bang in the middle of Coldplay/Arcade Fire, this is modern worship that you can immerse yourself in, and more importantly, which leads you to immerse yourself in God.

Anyway, lead singer Elias Dummer was talking about a particular C.S. Lewis quote that struck him deeply. Those who know me will be aware that I am a massive Lewis fan. The beauty of his writings is that one is always discovering incredible new quotes that have been hidden in his vast canon of work.
Lewis says "If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." Now if we are honest, I think many Christians can relate to that kind of feeling. Often it is an abstract one, maybe borne out of a deep sense of God as creator. Beaches, the ocean and starlit skies do that for me.

That desire to which you cannot put a name is, as Lewis points out, because we are only transitory. Not of this world, as numerous Christian writers and singers have put it. I don't know about you, but the thought that I was made for another world actually excites me, at a time when I have felt somewhat distant from God.

Of course, the challenge thrown out to us now is how we live IN this world as people who are just passing through it. How we relate to a majority of people who consider this world to be it. Finito. We have to care about them. We have to be interested. We have to love them. We need to...I need to give them an opportunity to discover the truth that there is a whole new world waiting for them if they put their faith and trust in the One who made it.

Yeah, THERE'S the challenge!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I told you it wasn't profound!

I had the chance to listen to Family Talk with Dr James Dobson last night, as I was driving up to Grants Pass to do some work on the forthcoming - one day - Naz Live Worship album. The speaker was author Frank Peretti, whose name you might well remember from the books "This Present Darkness", "Piercing The Darkness", "The Oath" and my personal favorite "Prophet".

As a speaker, Peretti is pretty...animated. Some might call him something of a shouter, and he certainly has a flair for the dramatic. Anyway, he said one thing in particular which made me sit up and take notice. It was nothing particularly profound, but it certainly caught my attention and stayed in my mind.

He was talking about how man is trying more and more to be God (truth is really that man already thinks he IS God!). Contrast that with God, who (successfully) made himself completely man. In other words, while we were spending milennia trying to reach God, He had already reached us, and the sad thing I guess is that all those people who think they know better and have no need for a god have never noticed that.

Oh and by the way, after getting back from the GP trip, my car was sick and is now in the car hospital. Please pray. Thanks.