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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You should write about this...

My friend Jenna told me I should write about this particular subject, although credit is due to Josiah and Dannal, whose idea it really was.
All it really was, was the realization that I'm going away at the weekend, and I really needed to get some travel sized toiletries for the trip. Thankfully, the wonderful Fred Meyer has it sown "Travel Size" section, which made my job real easy, and when I mentioned this on Facebook, it was Josiah who said I could pretend to be a giant.
I decided to get them all out when I got home, and stomp around a bit like a real giant. A few "Fie-fi-fo-fum"s later and out comes the train set and I feel truly colossal! All I need now is one of those miniature bottles of...Yoo Hoo and I'm a true leviathon...hahahaha.

Anyway, Jenna, that's all I could think of to write, but I hope you enjoyed it!!

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Jenna said...

ha! The only thing that would have made this post better is if you had posted a pic of yourself surrounded by tiny bottles of shampoo and the like. You crack me up.