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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I told you it wasn't profound!

I had the chance to listen to Family Talk with Dr James Dobson last night, as I was driving up to Grants Pass to do some work on the forthcoming - one day - Naz Live Worship album. The speaker was author Frank Peretti, whose name you might well remember from the books "This Present Darkness", "Piercing The Darkness", "The Oath" and my personal favorite "Prophet".

As a speaker, Peretti is pretty...animated. Some might call him something of a shouter, and he certainly has a flair for the dramatic. Anyway, he said one thing in particular which made me sit up and take notice. It was nothing particularly profound, but it certainly caught my attention and stayed in my mind.

He was talking about how man is trying more and more to be God (truth is really that man already thinks he IS God!). Contrast that with God, who (successfully) made himself completely man. In other words, while we were spending milennia trying to reach God, He had already reached us, and the sad thing I guess is that all those people who think they know better and have no need for a god have never noticed that.

Oh and by the way, after getting back from the GP trip, my car was sick and is now in the car hospital. Please pray. Thanks.

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