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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The New Regime

You know, I really felt I owed it to God to get into shape. After all, our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and mine has been becoming more and more like a really down-at-heel pub!

It's approaching a week since I started at the gym - tonight is my second solo workout, and I do cardio (bike) on days when I'm not doing the workout. I'm not going to pretend that there are going to be instant results, but I do already feel quite a bit fresher, despite the odd muscle aches here and there.

It will be interesting to see what differences - if any - there are after my first week. To be honest, the changed eating habits are harder to adapt to than the workouts. Moving to 5 small meals a day is quite strange.

I'll let you know Friday how Thursday's weigh in went!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pain is Good - therefore I feel GREAT!!

So here is the promised report on my first visit to the gym yesterday. One word would probably sun up the experience - AGONY!!

No, it's all good, really it is. After getting a feel for the pain that is to come, my personal trainer Doug (also known as Doug the absolute SADIST) has an idea of how we're gonna take things, and it all starts tomorrow with the first session of a six week program that includes a full nutrition program.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I'm not as unfit as I thought (my motto : expect the worst, really paid off!)and the body fat index tests they did came back as "fair", which you've got to admit is better than "complete and utter disaster".

I discovered in the short sample workout I did that my quads are in worse shape than I thought. Even today they are killing me, and I'm walking like I have a permanent wedgie! Lord alone knows what I'll be like after tomorrow, probably wheeled out on a stretcher. If I do blog on Friday, you'll know I survived.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Challenge..

I was at the New Members Class at church all day Saturday. It's a good way of meeting people, as well as preparing yourself to integrate into the church and identify the areas in which one might most effectively be of service.

I have to say though that the thing which challenged me the most was Pastor David's outline of his approach to spending time alone with God. It really challenged and inspired me to try and not only organize my devotional time better, but also to devote much more time to God and getting "into" the word than I have been up til now.

To be honest, my prayer/devotional life - such as it is - has been a total mess, and a source of a lot of personal frustration, because as I'm sure you can relate to, I KNOW that I ought to do better, and I also know that my life would be enriched if I were to get myself better organised and give God more time.

So anyway, I know that this process will take a little time, but I've vowed to get up much earlier than of late, organise my prayer and devotional time, assign different prayer subjects to different days, and generally ensure that the day STARTS with God, because if you don't start the day with God, you set the tone for whatever will follow.

So far I do feel a little more together and, dare I say it, peaceful, but I also recognize that different approaches work for different people, so I would never tell another Christian how they should order their life. I just throw this out in case it might inspire, or jolt someone.

I'd be interested in your thoughts on all this, because some people can get so consumed by guilt over all this (which is just what the enemy wants), when it really calls for determination.

So grit your teeth!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Kitten Of Judah

I've been going to a class at church these past 2 weeks in which a bunch of guys watch the videos accompanying the book "Wild At Heart" by John Eldredge. That book fascinated me from the get-go, because as soon as I read it I got the distinct feeling that I wasn't who I should be. Truth is, I'm just not the kind of guy who enjoys camping out and abseiling dwon a sheer cliff. I wouldn't mind horseback riding, shooting and driving fast cars, but it seems to me that I'm just not the adventurous type, and I can't figure out completely if that's good or bad!
I've long had the reputation as a chick-flick fan, and I shouldn't really be ashamed of that - but a part of me is! I even went to see the new Die Hard and Transformers over the weekend, partly to change the image of me as a fan of romantic weepies! As it turned out I loved both movies without having to make any effort.
So maybe I'll be able identify with some but not all of the things in "Wild At Heart" and other people will just have to put up with it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Victoria Beckham

The other night, NBC aired a special on Victoria Beckham's arrival in LA and her preparations for the arrival of the rest of her family. This was to put it mildly, illuminating. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry, as Posh Spice insisted that she was a normal person with a sense of humor, whilst at the same time acting like someone hopelessly out of touch with reality.

The funniest section was her visit to the local DMV after a fairly disastrous driving practise trip where she got pulled over by a motorcycle cop and confessed she didn't know whether to pose or be arrested. At DMV she first took the written knowledge test and was clearly cheating as she not only asked her entourage for some answers, but also had others on little bits of folded paper. Miraculously (!) she passed and somehow managed to avoid the practical test (she had a Spanish license, so why did I, with a UK license, have to do the practical when she didn't??).

When it came to being issued her license, they asked for a specimen signature. She asked who it should be made out to (thinking she was writing an autograph!). Next she needed her hairstylist and make-up artist to ready her for the license photo, for which she mugged outrageously. Next she wanted to see and approve the pic (and even asked if it could be touched up), to the obvious chagrin of the clearly bemused DMV staff. What a circus!

If all that nonsense wasn't enough, it emerged today that the show, which was panned mercilessly by the critics, was in some ways fake!

Victoria was seen interviewing and hiring a PA, but this, it seems, was an actress playing the part. Why!! Why?? oh please why??

You know, there are times when I'm ashamed to be British!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Roseburg Show & Shine

There's quite a big difference between car shows in Britain and over here. Somehow the UK ones just don't have the excitement factor that US ones have. It's probably down to the presence here of the Muscle Cars and Pony Cars such as the Chevy Camaro or the Ford Mustang or the short-lived AMC models, which you woulds virtually never see in the UK, and even if you did, very few people would be able to afford to actually drive them, due to the ever-escalating gas prices (currently the equivalent af around $8 there).

So to see so many really cool cars in one place is still quite a novelty to me, and probably one good reason why I'm still taking so many photographs; I'm sure I'll settle down soon!

This weekend just past it was Roseburg, which is around 2 1/2 hours north of here up the I5 , and quite a bit cooler, which made for a fun time. Some really sweet cars, many of which I could easily see myself driving - if I won the lottery that is! It doesn't do a lot for my coveting problem, but I am learning to look, admire, and then be very grateful for my Plymouth!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm Legal

Okay so that's probably not totally accurate, as I wasn't illegal before, but what is true is that I'm over the final hurdle in feeling like I'm a bona fide Oregonian.

The Driver's Test yesterday went really well - a different route to the first one, and a much easier one as well - and after it was over and me and the guy were getting out of the car he commented on my Dove shirt which I'd worn on purpose just in case it got noticed. Turns out he knows Perry my boss, and is also a local pastor who works for DMV as a sideline!

How typical of God to make that happen, and how even more typical that the guy's name was...Steve!

My first job after getting the license card was to take a trip over to the phone store to buy a proper cell phone, so now I have a real one. Get in touch if you want my #.

Celebrated at Outback with a colleague from work.

So today I feel very relieved and very thankful. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Now go enjoy the weekend!

I know I'll enjoy it as I'm going to another car show, this time a big one in Roseburg which is a couple of hours drive away, so more pix will be appearing soon!!

Have a good one...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Dream Continues...

So I finally caved under pressure and started this up. For those who are worried, I'll still keep up the postings on MySpace, but I might just have trouble remembering which posting I've put where. It comes with advancing age, you know.

So anyway, today we'll look back on my first 4th July, which was quite the day.

It should have started with a parade in Central Point in which The Dove (Christian Radio Station for whom I work) was taking part but fate conspired against us (or something like that) and various staff were unable to show. Then the hot rod pulling our trailer overheated and...er....gave up. Bottom line; we didn't make the parade. It was probably too warm anyway.

Next up - 6th birthday for my little friends Maddie & Maisy. Twins, and trouble with it. Nice gathering with hot dogs and family/a few friends.

To finish it all off later, a pool party with some church friends for 4th July, and believe me, the pool was the best place to be on a day like that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go take my drivers' test!