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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Croon In Peace

I couldn't let the moment pass without marking the passing of two legends in their own way, although their lives couldn't be too much further apart.

Andy Williams was the most effortless of crooners, a man who conquered a song by stealth and won it over before it knew what had happened. Not as bombastic as Sinatra, more connected than Dino, Williams knew he was no Elvis (although they wanted him to be at first), but he knew that being himself was all he needed to be. Those peerless high notes, perfect phrasing and constant twinkle in the eye told you that he really meant it.

Who could forget that legendary first TV appearence of the Osmond family, as little Donny perched on Andy's knee. Only Andy could have brought that off, and we will never forget. Neither will we forget "Music To Watch Girls By", "Moon River" and "Can't Take My Eyes Off You".

Andy succumbed at the age of 84 to bladder cancer, and he really really WILL be sadly missed.

Also passing today at the age of 79, but probably getting less attention due to Williams' death, was  football manager John Bond.
The former West Ham player and manager of Norwich, Manchester City, AFC Bournemouth and Birmingham City - to name just a handful - was of that era when the manager was a true character and figurehead. During his time at West Ham, a number of other managing giants emerged in Dave Sexton, Malcolm Allison and Frank O'Farrell. Like these guys, Bond was larger than life.

John Bond took Norwich to the top flight in 1974 and Manchester City to the F.A. Cup Final in 1981, but those were the pinnacles of his success. Despite that he is remembered fondly as a man who knew the game, who knew players, who didn't suffer fools gladly, but was never a bully.

One of those rare breed of Gentlemen Managers. Rest in  peace John Bond. The game of football will miss you.

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