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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Church and Smartphones

Recently I was involved in an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of smartphones in church. With the advent of the excellent YouVersion Bible app, the need to take a physical Bible to church has diminished considerably, especially since the app has
multiple translations and is free.

I like the way this levels the playing field and removes the need to play "Who's got the biggest Bible?". It also greatly helps those who have little room for a lot of stuff at church.

Needless to say there are people who feel that taking electronic devices to church makes you less spiritual than if you have a physical Bible, but I found some interesting thoughts on Vicky Beeching's excellent blog (you can read the post here)

Personally I find I can use YouVersion and take notes on my iPhone, and I can say hand on heart that I don't find my attention wandering onto games (mainly because I hardly have any!). As for tweeting, I think, as Vicky says, it can be worth doing, as long as it doesn't divert your attention from the message.

But what do you think...?

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