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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Still the President

I recently ordered a copy of President George W. Bush's new autobiography, "Decision Points", which is out today, and also caught his interview with Matt Lauer on NBC last night.

Whilst I thought the interview was maybe a bit too far-reaching for the hour available, and would have preferred to have heard GWB speak for longer on fewer subjects, I appreciate that this was effectively a book plugging interview! One thing which came over loud and clear though was the character and principled nature of the man.

Needless to say, those who oppose him will sneer at his emotional nature, his attachment to his family, and to family values, his love for his country, and his desire to to his very best for America. Those kind of values do not sit well with modern day liberals. However, those qualities that make up the 43rd President are markedly lacking from the current administration, and that would not have escaped any of them who might have deigned to watch last night.

I will be forever ashamed that I allowed media propaganda back in the UK to influence my feelings about GWB when I really had no evidence to back up my point of view. Having seen for myself a lot more of his side of the story over here, and discovered how the majority - albeit a quiet majority - still appreciate the heck out of the guy, and spoken to people (my boss included) who know him extremely well, and are in a far better position to judge his character than a legion of armchair pundits, I look forward to reading "Decision Points", and also look forward to the day when someone of his ilk will be able to steer America back to greatness.

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