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Thursday, October 21, 2010

One week (Day 8) of HCG and the last day (Day 4) of Pledge Drive

So it's just after 5.30am and I woke of my own accord around 5. Maybe I'm too tired to actually sleep - who knows?
Anyway, after an exhausting week of pledge driving, we have our final big push today, the day when historically, most people call in. I really hope they do, because we are 100% listener supported, so we need people's support so we can keep going - that's no exaggeration. By 6pm tonight it'll be over and we'll know just how much we can do in the next 6 months.
After a slightly less exhausting week 1 of HCG, I can report that the total weight loss (after a loss overnight of 0.6 pounds) is exactly 15 pounds for the first week. Not too shabby, I think you'll agree! For those Brits reading, by the way, that is 1 stone and 1 pound.
Anyway, time to finish my cup of tea and probably go straight to work. Might as well, seeing as I have to be there by 7 anyway today. Get there early and get some work done....

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