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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Prayer Day

So tomorrow is a big day for my workplace, theDove. It's our annual Prayer Day, when we get to pray for the needs of our listeners, and it's the only time we get to ask them to call in with no agenda of our own, other than to pray for THEM.

This is important because usually if we're asking people to call in, we're asking for something -- usually money! The last few times we have had days like this, the response has been almost overwhelming and it is really humbling and also rather sad to know that SO MANY people listening to the station have such a depth and breadth of problems and life issues. It certainly helps put life in perspective.

Last year when we had a Prayer Day the phones were pretty much white hot from 6am through to day's end at 6pm, and tomorrow -- if initial email response is anything to go by -- is going to be just as busy.

So can we pray for you? If so, go to www.thedove.us and click on the praying hands, and tomorrow you can call us from 6am through 6pm with your prayer needs.

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