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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Going Underground

Much to my disappointment, but for entirely understandable reasons, I've been advised to be very careful what I say online at this present time.
Those who know me well will know why this is, but to those who don't, let's just say that I am in the midst of a big fight right now.
I find it sad that you really cannot be sure just who is reading postings these days and what their motives might be for doing so. Maybe I am being naive and it has always been like this, but whatever, I have been advised to keep pretty quiet and so that is what I am going to do.
Another reason for my disappointment is that I really enjoy blogging, but I think I'm on fairly safe ground if I talk for the time being about probably my favourite TV show.
I don't know what it is you look for in the ideal TV show, but I have always seen good TV as that which entertains and informs. Sadly these days those kind of programmes are few and far between, since the lowest common denominator that pleases the masses now consists mainly of sex, scandal, the supernatural and endless reality shows.
"Who Do You Think You Are?" is reality TV alright, but reality TV of an utterly compelling nature.
You get to follow a variety of celebrities as they take a journey back in time to investigate long forgotten or simply unknown branches of their family tree. In the process their journeys often take the most unexpected of turns.
The show started life in the UK some 6-7 years ago and has been brought to the US by a team that includes actress Lisa Kudrow, who was the subject of one of the shows. Season one follows Kudrow, Sarah Jessica Parker (and later in the series, husband Matthew Broderick) movie director Spike Lee, actresses Brooke Shields and Susan Sarandon, and Dallas Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith.
All are fascinating in their own way, and as such, well worth seeing, but apart from the lack of unsavoury elements you see in so much TV nowadays, WDYTYA inspires viewers to get involved themselves in delving into their past. I and several other people I know have already been doing this, and I can trace my family line back to the 1600s in England. My friend Jenna -- clearly descended from Viking stock -- can trace hers back to the 11th century, while my friend Krystle has made exciting discoveries about her forbears here in the US. It's a lot of fun on ancestry.com
Check out Who Do You Think You Are (a second season has been commissioned), and then have a look at your own family history. You may just get a few surprises, and learn a little more about what makes you the way you are.

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