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Friday, June 27, 2008

One reason I'm glad I'm not (yet) an American citizen

At present I am considered a legal alien here in the States, which means that certain rights afforded to US citizens are not available to me. For example, I can't own or carry a gun, which is a bit of a shame, and I also cannot vote.

Now this causes me less of a problem since the country is careering helter skelter towards one of the most difficult presidential elections - for Christians - that there has ever been.

It's not like it was an easy choice. Instead of a good candidate and a bad candidate, voters are faced with a bad one, and an even worse one.

I'm going to attempt not to name names here, in case I get put on a list of troublemakers or something, but on the one hand we have a guy who has a clear advantage when it comes to the war in Iraq etc. in terms of being an army vet, but against that has a questionable temper, is pretty old, and whilst claiming to be against same-sex marriage has actually voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Then we have a candidate who, if criticized in even the smallest way, turns the critic into a racist, has views on morality and religion that are contrary to his stated religious beliefs (although when you look at the caliber of pastors who have apparently mentored him over the years, you have to wonder just what he does believe).

American Christian voters have to pray like never before. To me it's a case of the lesser of two evils, but it seems to be a straight choice between a vague status quo and a future of unimaginable restriction of free speech, religious expression, and so much of what this nation stands for and holds dear: a nation which was still - when I last checked - One Nation Under God.

But for how long?

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