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Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 - the year that was...

Well, this has been a huge year for me. The year when I packed up and left the UK and found a new home in Southern Oregon - and a new family.

It was a year when I discovered that God likes to surprise you - sometimes it's a nice surprise, sometimes...not so nice!

I had a six week wait to get my Social Security when I first arrived in April. During that time my life was pretty much on hold as I couldn't really do anything. No bank account, no cell phone, no drivers license.

It finally came, and I passed my drivers test 2nd time (well, we're none of us perfect!) on July 3rd. Yes, Independance Day truly was just that!

Got my cell phone around the same time and since then it's been no looking back. Just last week I successfully got my British passport renewed in Washington DC, and so I'm legal for another 10 years!

I have the best cell group ever, a really cool team of musicians around me at church, and a great working family at the DOVE.

I've been thinking to myself about how my dear old dad, who left this earth nearly 4 years ago now, would react if he thought I was now living here.

He always maintained that he hated America and Americans. He said that Americans were loud and brash, and didn't spell or pronounce words properly!! Mind you, he said that about a lot of nationalities!!

I always THOUGHT he was kidding - I'm pretty sure he was; I guess I'll not know for a while yet - and I'd like to think that actually he'd be pretty pleased that I uprooted and moved to a whole new culture and a whole new life. I think that's something he could be proud of, in his own way!

And a note to you Americans. I'm sure he'd LOVE you!

Peace; and here's to a great 2008.

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