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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The First Resort

One of the biggest disadvantages of being so far away from those I love in Oregon is that when something bad happens, I can't rush to be by their side, which is of course the first instinct.

However, one thing that has come back to me again and again since my friend Keri's world was turned upside down last Friday night and her 23-year-old son Jakob was seriously injured in a car accident, is that wherever you are in this world, prayer is effective and real.

We all tend to dismiss prayer as something we do as a last resort. How often have you heard the phrase "Well, I guess all we can do now is pray." Wait just a minute...you didn't pray first??? I know, I know, I'm talking to myself too. But it's true, isn't it? So often prayer is our last resort when everything we can do in our own power has been exhausted. I guess at that stage if we really can't fix it then we'll have to leave it to God.
Prayer is in fact our FIRST resort, and I, like a lot of other people, I suspect, need to train myself to that reality.

When Jake got hurt, there was nothing practically I could do from here, 5000 miles away BUT pray, but boy I am so glad I did, because God HEARS our prayers whenever and wherever (and however) we pray them, and he ANSWERS them.
There's an old saying that goes "The first shall be last, and the last shall be first". Let's make prayer our "first" go-to instead of our last

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