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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Valium Effect

Even after 3 years here in the States some cultural things take me a little by surprise. faced with the prospect of my second crown of the year, I was joking to my hygienist during my cleaning the week before, that it would be great if I could just be knocked out for the drill-fest. To my surprise, she said that I could always have a valium.

You should understand that in the UK, that kind of thing was not -- in my time anyway -- an option. Of course you got the anaesthetic (although you had to endure the injection without the numbing gel first), but nothing else was ever offered to me.

I was actually told that at one dentist office, they show movies on dvd for people, which would have been nice, but I was told that in addition to the valium, I could bring my iPod in and they wouldn't be insulted in the slightest if I listened to that as loud as I wanted to, while they butchered my mouth.

I suppose I should explain why I opted for the valium in the first place. I am not a coward, but I do have a problem with a gag reflex, while my tongue seems to have a mind of its own and wanders all over the place, generally getting in the way! The valium would at least make this less of a problem.

Anyway, the dentist prescribed one tablet - at a cost of $1.06 - to my pharmacy, and I took the tablet one hour before my date with destiny. Needless to say I had to be driven there and back (thanks Angie & Sue) and although beforehand as I sat in my living room I felt pleasantly relaxed, I can't say that I noticed a massive difference.

Overall I am definitely glad I went for it, and "pleasantly relaxed" would be a good summary of my state throughout the whole procedure - which was just as long as the previous one, but certainly not nearly as unpleasant. I was also grateful to Keith Urban, whose latest offering kept me happily distracted while the 2 girl tag drillers did their job.

All in all, while I wouldn't exactly say I could happily go through that every day, it was for sure a lot less strenuous than the last time!!

So there you go. A mundane posting maybe, but that's my life -- or as much of my life as I'm going to talk about right now!!!

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