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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Celestial Storms, and the Storms of Life

Last Sunday the Sun's surface erupted, sending a wall of ionized atoms directly at the Earth in what is called a coronal mass ejection. This solar tsunami reaches the earth's atmosphere today and is causing amazing light displays -- the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights --  as the solar particles collide with the oxygen and nitrogen atoms in our atmosphere, which then glow like neon signs, with often stunning results.

Due to the ferocity of this particular eruption, the aurora, which can usually only be seen in the very northern-most parts, such as Norway and Alaska, is being seen this week (culminating tonight, according to scientists) in more southerly locations, possible as far south as Portland, Oregon and Michigan, as well as all over northern Europe. The photo above was taken last night at Lake Superior. There is even a faint possibility that some activity might be seen as far  as Southern Oregon.

So last night I went outside to see if I could see anything as I looked to the north, but without success. I'll try again tonight. However, this did all start me thinking about how something as violent as a solar eruption can lead to something so beautiful as the Northern Lights, and then to how so often God can allow what we initially think are bad things to happen to us, but with a beautiful outcome.

I don't normally like to draw parallels such as this, because in truth, I find them a bit cheesy, but in this case I felt a real strong compulsion to talk about the connection. If we are honest, we probably all can point to instances where bad things have been used by God to bring glory to His name, and a beautiful resolution.

Maybe you are in the middle of a "solar tsunami" of your own. If you are, maybe a glance at these amazing Northern Lights pictures will remind you that God is in control, and can bring beauty out of the most violent storms.

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Jenna said...

Thank you Kipper. This is not cheezy. It touched my heart.