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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Change Of Plan

Happy 2010 - however you wish to pronounce that!

With a new year comes a new plan for this blog, which has been a little...sparse of late, and now with my home laptop being seemingly permanently on the fritz until I can afford to get a new one, things may not change markedly!

Anyway, new plan for 2010 is to concentrate much more on the things that rock my world, namely movies and music (with maybe a few books thrown in for good measure).

But first I think it's time to fill in some gaps. The last blog mentioned the U2 concert I was going to. Good grief! That was way back in October!! It was my first official outdoor American stadium show and I really hope it isn't the last. The Rose Bowl is the COOLEST place. Holds nearly 100,000 people and as it is old it doesn't have the usual plethora of glass-fronted executive boxes that most stadiums have. This place is just for the fans!

We got there mid-afternoon and got the cooler and lawn chairs set up, which is a really civilized way of doing a concert.

This was the first U2 show I had seen since summer 1997 when I saw them at Roundhay Park in Leeds on the Popmart tour. I'd had opportunities to go to both the last 2 tours but had declined citing financial problems, and then instantly regretted my decision, so this WAS going to happen, come what may!

The 360 stage set-up is, as most people now know, stunning, and the show was every bit as good as I'd hoped it could be. What made it better was that my seat was upgraded as the old one was occupied by a spotlight. The new one was closer to the stage and lower down, so I was happy.

The show was web cast live on YouTube and if you didn't see that you'll be able to judge the experience for yourself when a DVD of it comes out in a few months' time.

Christmas 09 was a fun experience, although it still doesn't FEEL like Christmas as all my memories of that are associated with being in England with family, but despite that it was fun to hang out with the Kuceras, and Grandma Lovie's turkey dinner was once again spectacular. New Year's Eve was spent playing Wii in 2 separate places, and it was nice to end the year as a pro bowler!

So coming next we'll dissect some of my favourite movies of the past year. Always bound to be controversial....!

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