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Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain/Palin - the ONLY hope for the United States

I'll preface these remarks by conceding that I am not an American, so what could I possibly know? There, that saves somebody else saying it.

BUT, in the 17 months I've been living here, it's not been hard to assimilate just what's going on on each side of the political pond here, and I for one would be extremely concerned for the future safety and well being of this country if Barack Obama got into power.

For starters, here's a guy - like so many Democrats before him - that wants power for the sake of it. You only have to look at what he wants to do on day 1 to see that. Raise taxes, pull out of a war in Iraq that - despite what he might think - is all but won, stop drilling here for oil, relying instead on other nations to drain our dollars. So paranoid about political correctness and not upsetting anyone that he weakens the rights of EVERYONE. He also wants to potentially kill innumerable unborn babies in the name of choice. What choice does the unborn fetus get Barack?

Here is a man who has virtually NO relevant experience, and yet criticizes the opposing RUNNING MATE for the same thing, only it turns out she has more actual executive experience than HE has.

Here is a man who seems to think that the cult of celebrity is enough to win him the White House, and yet whose foreign policy shortcomings were ably demonstrated only a few weeks back when he asserted that the United Nations could end the Georgia conflict, blissfully unaware that one of the protagonists has a permanent veto in the UN.

Here is a man who, if criticized, plays the race card at the drop of a hat, and we KNOW if he loses the election (which I pray he will) will do just that.

John McCain knows what it's like to serve his country, and that's what he'll do, putting country first, not his own interests. He will be consistent and will use his huge experience to benefit the country.

In Sarah Palin, the US will have a VP who understands people, families and industry. Someone who values the sanctity of life and understands that children in any circumstances, whether you like it or not, are a GIFT not a MILLSTONE.

In short, McCain/Palin truly are the only hope for the United States. God help us all if Obama gets in. God help us all.

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Totoholic said...

Very true my brother. You don't have to be an American to see what a horrible decision Obama would be for our country. Miss you brother. :)